How to Find an Educational Toy That Even Older Kids Will Think is Cool

Finding an educational toy for your kids that is both fun enough to get them to sit down and play with it but also engaging enough that they can actually learn something from their experience is difficult enough. However, when it comes to buying a educational toy for your older children that they will actually want to play with you will quickly find that such a task is much more difficult than you could have ever imagined. Perhaps it is because an educational toy for older kids are never what it is cracked up to be. Usually they are boring devices that probably teach your kids things that they already know making them lame, useless and quickly tossed aside in favor of something like the home computer or a videogame system.

In order to solve the predicament of the educational toy that even older kids can enjoy, a company that you have probably heard of in the past, Leap Frog, recently invented a brand new way of looking at the premise of an educational toy for older children. The concept is known as the Fly and is an entire computer system packed into a pen. This product has highly advanced technology such as writing recognition sensors, a built in computer, and the ability to play all kinds of different games that will appeal to kids of all ages. It is this cross functionality which makes the Fly such a breath of fresh air in the world of drab and overdone educational toys. Your child can have a good time learning while they write with calculator programs, memorization programs and programs which are designed to help them learn how to spell what they are writing. Then, when they are done with the learning exercises, they can pop in a cartridge containing their favorite game and play it right away using the pen.