Wooden Kids Toy Magnetic Board Puzzle Games 100 Pieces, Satu Brown Double Side Jigsaw &Drawing Sketchpad Writing Dry Erase Board Chalkboard Educational Toys (Animal)

Wooden Kids Toy Magnetic Board Puzzle Games 100 Pieces, Satu Brown Double Side Jigsaw &Drawing Sketchpad Writing Dry Erase Board Chalkboard Educational Toys (Animal)

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  • 100 Wooden Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles – Spark Your Child’s Imagination. All children aged 3 or up will enjoy the colorful world they can create with this set.The pieces are durable and safe so they can be used again and again to spark your child’s imagination.
  • Satu Brown Travel Sized Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle Set – A wooden value set including 100 magnetic jigsaw pieces, 3 chalks, 1 marker pen, 1 eraser, 1 blackboard brush and 1 idea booklet. They are nicely packaged in a wooden storage box. Perfect to play on the go. And keep your child engaged during travel.
  • A Versatile Toy – A wooden box with a reversible lid. And the lid is with a white board side for supplied water color pens to draw, write and make notes and a black board side for chalk drawing! The white side is magnetic and the magnetic jigsaw puzzles will fit on it.
  • Educational & Creative – A great creative toy that lets your child engage with their imagination. It’s low-tech and creates very little noise. You child can develop their creative side and motor skills through play!
  • Develop children’s understanding to the animal, plant, color, shapes, and patterns. Inspire children’s creativity and imagination.

Children’s Educational Toy-Satu Brown Wooden Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle 100 Pieces

Play is an essential part of learning and your child can learn to love learning through engaging interactive activities. Toys help children understand the world around, discover concepts and train their motor skills. Observation, analysis and problem solving are all first encountered through toys and games. Educational toys give your child the chance to practice all kinds of physical and mental processes that will help them achieve their potential.

Let your child engage their imagination, have fun and start on a road of discovery. This is what Satu Brown aims to provide with each educational toy.

Product Functions:
The product is bright, colorful and engaging for a young child. When your child plays with this toy, they will be exercising their hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking and imagination. They will also develop confidence, social skills as well as having a great time.
Helps develop your child’s cognition of animals and body parts: head, body, tail, feet, etc.
Helps your child develop pattern recognition and how to distinguish between categories: animals, plants, etc.
Develops your child’s hand-eye coordination and spatial intelligence.

What You Will Get:
1×wooden box
1×marker pen
1×idea book
1×reversible lid for magnets or drawing
1×brush for cleaning the blackboard
100×magnetic pieces of animals, insects, trees

If you would love to encourage your kid to play with more traditional toys to spark his imagination rather then letting him play on the tablet or watch TV all day,this is a really lovely versatile toy that will give your little ones hours of formative and imaginative play!

Remember to remove the protective film from the white board before using it for the first time.