Wild Republic Downy Woodpecker Plush Clip, Stuffed Animal, Bird Toys for Kids, Birders, 4″

Wild Republic Downy Woodpecker Plush Clip, Stuffed Animal, Bird Toys for Kids, Birders, 4

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  • This adorable bird clip you see is a Downy Woodpecker and will take your loved one’s key clip game to the nest level
  • The Woodpecker clip is fun to collect and play with, but also offers Great utility as an identifier for backpacks, bags, and duffels
  • At 4 Inches in size, this Woodpecker key clip is the perfect travel companion, and also happens to be made of the highest quality materials
  • Both girls and boys of all ages will love clipping this little bird to their bag and the black and white fabric will match with almost any color bag
  • We use a specialty printed fabric that helps bring out the natural colors of these realistic bird clips and this Downy Woodpecker is no different- collect them all

The downy woodpecker is really quite small, at 5-7 inches in size they’re not very tall. Like the real bird, Our key clip is small too, at 4 Inches in size he’s the perfect clip for you. This bird plush will be your child’s new best friend, they’ll love bringing the pet bird on journeys from start to the end. Bird toys for kids are great as girls toys and boys toys, and great for travel since they don’t make noise. This toy bird will quickly be clipped on your child’s favorite bag, it’ll be hard when showing the bird stuffed animal off, Not to Brag. Cool gifts like this also make learning fun, use the travel toys and make a lesson and your work is done. Woodpeckers have very strong beaks, which they use to hammer into trees to get small insects living inside which is where they get their name. They can also be found almost anywhere in the world which is quite impressive, so anywhere you go you’re likely to hear one. The downy woodpecker has a white underbelly with unique black and white dotted feathers and a black and white striped head. While they don’t sing vocally like many other bird varietals, they make songs by drumming loudly on pieces of wood and Tree trunks. These key clips make for great unique gifts for kids, and your children will really love learning about the birds and clipping them on their bags. Collect all of our bird key clips! Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With a unique specification in lifelike stuffed animals.