Star Wars The Force Awakens Sleeping Bag, Backpack & Kylo Ren Water Bottle

Star Wars The Force Awakens Sleeping Bag, Backpack & Kylo Ren Water Bottle

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  • During your adventures, will you help guide Kylo Ren to the Light Side of the force?
  • Or will join the Dark side as you slumber through the night. Imagine the army of storm troopers at your call as you traverse the lands.
  • As the Force Awakens within, do not forget to quench your thirst for power during the voyage.
  • Remember, all the Jedi need is a lightsaber and a place to rest, travel light on your path.
  • For a more precise list of everything included, please see the Product Description area.

Time To Defeat The Darkside!
Find Your Inner Jedi With:
This Star Wars Sleeping Bag, Backpack & Water Bottle 3pc Set

Star Wars Episode VII Bundle Includes:

Star Wars Sleeping Bag:
• Slumber Bag Features A Polyester Shell and Liner
• Triloft II Performance Insulation For Durability
• Full Length Zipper
• Measures: 56″ L x 28″ W x 3″ H

Star Wars Backpack For Storage Of All Your Young Jeti’s Small Necessities:
• Oxford Backpack Measures: 14″x 9″ x 5″
• Adjustable Shoulder Straps
• Hanging Loop
• Mesh Pocket
• Double Zippered Main Compartment
• Secondary Zippered Front Pocket

Kylo Ren Water Bottle:
• Measures: 8″ x 3″
• 18oz
• Perfect To Help Defeat Dehydration and Kylo Ren

All Officially Licensed Genuine Authentic Star Wars Merchandise
Perfect For Ages: 4-9 Years Old
Tons Of Fun For Sleepovers, Camping, Road Trips, Birthdays, Holidays and So Much More