Ring Toss Game with Carry Bag – TWO SETS of 8 Rings (Rope and Plastic) (8 Plastic Rings Only)

Ring Toss Game with Carry Bag - TWO SETS of 8 Rings (Rope and Plastic) (8 Plastic Rings Only)

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  • HELPS KIDS DEVELOP HAND-EYE COORDINATION in a fun family-friendly game.
  • HOURS OF FUN – Adults and children love playing ring toss at tailgates, barbecues, parties, get-togethers and more.
  • QUICK SET UP – Ring toss set can be put together in minutes. No tools necessary.
  • Complete game set includes carrying case to make for convenient transport & storage

How to Play

Ring toss is a fun and simple party game enjoyed by people of all ages. To play, choose a line from which the players will throw. The first player then tosses their first ring at the wooden pegs. Then the second player will toss their first ring. The players keep switching back and forth until all rings have been thrown.

Each peg is worth a different amount of points. At the end of the game, the points are counted up and the player with the most points wins.

Includes 8 Rope Rings & 8 Plastic Rings

Play ring toss however you like. For those who prefer rope, we’ve included 8 rope rings. And for those who prefer plastic there are 8 plastic rings. Pick your favorite, and have fun!

Fun for All Ages & Occasions

Whether you’re looking for the perfect tailgate party game, or simply want to keep your kids occupied for a few hours, ring toss is the game for you. It’s easy to set up, the rules are simple, and the game itself is fun and addictive. Both adults and children love practicing their aim. Plus, they’ll be improving their hand-eye coordination as they play.

Includes Carry Case

The Play Platoon Ring Toss Game Set comes with a complimentary carrying case for convenient transport or storage.

Ring toss is sure to be a hit. Order today and have fun!

Note: If you select “Plastic Rings Only” from the above drop down menu, you will not receive the compete game set; just the plastic rings. Select “Complete Game Set” in order to purchase the all items needed to play, and not just the plastic rings.