Puzzle Adults 3D Jigsaw 1000 Piece Wood Puzzles Pieces Flowers Vase Game Toy Home Decoration Art

Puzzle Adults 3D Jigsaw 1000 Piece Wood Puzzles Pieces Flowers Vase Game Toy Home Decoration Art

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  • high quality 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
  • Puzzle size 750x500mm when complete,Support for custom sizes or images.
  • high quality durable logs, Clearly visible texture that is 100% recycled.
  • Bring fun to all families, promote friends’ emotions, cultivate children’s patience,Strengthening relationships , Better gift.
  • Letter Hints on the Back – Letters A-H are printed on the back of the puzzle as a helpful hint, so you can rely on it to quickly find the right piece to reduce the difficulty of the puzzle.

Product Details
Product Name: Adult Puzzles Wooden Puzzle 1000 Pieces
High quality 1000 piece Wooden jigsaw puzzle.
The finished puzzle measures:29.5 X19.7 Inches (75cm X 50cm)
Thickness:2.3mm (approximately)
Number of Pieces:1000 pieces.In order to avoid the lack of accessories, our products may be partially completed and need to reorganize the reorganization.
Material:Natural wood
Image matching: Support
Package included: 1000 pieces Puzzle; Bag X 1; Powder glue X 1; Reference Poster X 1.
Partition grid:The partition grid needs you to assemble,You can place the same letter label in each partition.Convenient for your assembly
Perfect for adults or families to have a good time with a nice puzzle.

Product description:
A real pleasure for young puzzles lovers! By assembling the pieces, the children discover that they already have real abilities! They awaken their logical mind and develop their patience. after puzzle,we will feel happy and fulfilled.

The benefits of playing puzzles:
1. For children:can excitation children’s ability to reason and think, and improve hand-eye coordination
2. For the elderly:can help the elderly to resolve loneliness, enjoy the body and mind, exercise hands-on ability, thinking ability and cognitive ability
3. For adults:able to work out patience, Careful, attentive, persevering ,observation, intelligence
4. For friends:can enhance the feelings between friends and cultivate tacit understanding
5. Make gifts:Puzzles can be saved forever, It can not only serve as a gift, but also preserve friendship and his instant beauty.Puzzles can be disassembled and can be hung up to enjoy. gaveing friends, sending loved ones, and sending girlfriends are all good choices. Give it to your friends and express your affection

Safety Warning
Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision