Power DIY Building Blocks Puzzle Kit Educational Toys Outdoor Activity Center – Children’s Toys – Campus Corner 554 Pieces

Power DIY Building Blocks Puzzle Kit Educational Toys Outdoor Activity Center - Children's Toys - Campus Corner 554 Pieces

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  • Features: School outdoor building blocks puzzle 554 pieces + manual
  • We can address children’s cognitive development, promote children’s self-learning, promote children’s movements, learn the logic and practical skills of parents and children, and improve their feelings.
  • Pros: This game enhances the strength of your son’s hands and fingers and improves your ability to adapt to your own eyes. They also help educate children in a variety of ways.
  • Intellectual Property: You can create a description of the vocabulary learning about size, shape and location. Math skills, especially when using standard additions and subtractions (such as building blocks, development methods). The experience from high school to gravity, balance and geometric skills provides intellectual stimulation.
  • This is a very interesting way to develop sports, society, knowledge and creativity.

product description

Product Name: Campus Corner
Material: safety plastic
Plastic type: ABS
Type: block set
Style: architectural toys, DIY toys, educational toys, model toys
Target age: 6 years and older
This will allow you to provide children’s entertainment, towers and towns within a few hours.
Social welfare: Large games encourage children to find and collaborate together. This is usually the first experience a child has to play with others. Building blocks are suitable for children and can promote interaction and imagination. Creativity is an important step in social games.
The benefits of creativity: children use their schools to create creative stimulus projects

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