My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Furbaby’s: Husky Stuffed Animal with 20 Second Voice Recordable Heart – Husky

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Furbaby's: Husky Stuffed Animal with 20 Second Voice Recordable Heart - Husky

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  • BABY HEARTBEAT: Heart shaped recorder preserves your dogs bark or cats meow or your baby’s ultrasound heartbeat or voice messages.
  • VOICE RECORDER: Records 20 seconds of your pets bark or meow or your voice or baby’s heartbeat.
  • STUFFED ANIMAL: Adorably cute and soft stuffed animal with a space in the back for your recordable heart.
  • BABY GIFT: The perfect baby shower gift, pregnancy keepsake, or as a gift for the little one to save for years to come!
  • SOFT STUFFED ANIMAL: Fleece type fabric and poly fiber fill to keep soft for year after year!

My Furbaby’s Heartbeat Bear – Your Dog’s and Cat’s Heartbeat or Bark and Meow Forever Captured

Introducing My FURBaby’s Heartbeat Bear! Now you can have your FurBaby’s Heartbeat captured in an adorable stuffed animal. Create a memory of your pup that will be cherished forever.

9 dogs and 3 cats available.

  • Labrador
  • Bichon
  • Bull Dog
  • Doodle
  • Shepherd
  • Hound Dog
  • Husky
  • Schnauzer
  • Black Puppy
  • Black Kitty
  • Gray Kitty
  • Orange Kitty

Just like our other loveable Heartbeat Bears the FurBaby’s come with a recordable heart to record your pets bark or meow or heartbeat to last forever. You can also use your baby’s ultrasound heartbeat or record your voice just like our other great animals.

First, select your favorite My Baby’s Heartbeat Stuffed Animal. Each My Baby’s Heartbeat Stuffed Animal comes with a heart shaped recorder. If wanting to capture the baby’s heartbeat during an ultrasound, take this recorder with you to your appointment. You or the technician will record your baby’s heartbeat on the recorder. Many technicians are used to this concept! However, be sure to test your recorder before going to your appointment, and also test your recording at your ultrasound to ensure you have the perfect heartbeat sound! Place your baby’s heartbeat in your stuffed animal, and now you have your baby’s heartbeat inside your My Baby’s Heartbeat Stuffed Animal! It is that simple!

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