labebe Wood White Bookshelf for Kid 1 Year Up, Kid Bookshelf White/Baby Bookshelf/Child Bookshelf/White Bookshelf for Girl&Boy Room/Bookshelf White/Kid Book Rack/Book Display

labebe Wood White Bookshelf for Kid 1 Year Up, Kid Bookshelf White/Baby Bookshelf/Child Bookshelf/White Bookshelf for Girl&Boy Room/Bookshelf White/Kid Book Rack/Book Display

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  • 📚 ENCOURAGE READING – The art of reading is being lost, and a kid’s bookshelf can create a fun environment to help building reading habits. This bookshelf is painted with delightful color and printed with cute pictures, these conform to the children’s psychology, and easily attract children’s attention and interests. When you put a variety of books on it, you’ll see baby would notice them with happy laughing, and then they begin reading
  • 📚 RIGHT SIZE – The bookshelf is less than 60 cm (24”), and fits perfectly in the child’s height. It’s easy for children to take or return books wherever they sit or stand. It is an EXCLUSIVE BOOKSHELF designed for children! After reading, parents can guide kids to put books back on the bookshelf. Parents can keep the interior clean, and the children will learn the ability to organize things. Also, It can be well used as cute small bookshelf or color book storage
  • 📚 HIDDEN SPACE & CASTERS – The bookshelf is trapezoidal, with three different height compartments in front, suitable for storing different sizes of books; back is a hidden storage space, it is a very good design for placing books or toys that are not commonly used. Four casters help children to adjust directions easily. Together with the handle design, children can walk around the playroom with their favorite books.
  • 📚 EASY ASSEMBLE & EASY CLEANING – The bookshelf is easy to assemble, usually taking no more than 15 minutes. Within a short time, you can create a 0-to-1 miracle in front of your kids! During the assembly process, we encourage you to invite your kids to give a hand, and we assure you it will be a very happy family time. (Pay attention to keep your baby away from the small parts.) The surface of the shelf is covered with eco-paint, and you can wipe it clean easily with a simply tower.

Independent research shows that bedtime stories can boost kids’ brain development, foster parent-child bonds and prepare children for sleep.
No doubt you have many fine books collected at home for the kids. Scattering books on the couch, on ground in the living room or under dining tables is such a common scene in a family with one or more children.

However, there are always families with five or more kids that have their books totally organized,HOW COME??

Their secret is : A Small Book Organizer

Kids actually read only a few favorite books in a period so a small organizer is enough to have, making it easier to find those books whilst keeping the room tidy.

Teaching kids organizing skills with the proper tools is very helpful and trains them to do things in an organized way.

Older Kids’ bookshelves can be the younger Kids’ Babywalkers…HOW?

This dual purpose design is generated to lengthen and prolong the lifetime of every toy parents have invested in for the kids.

In the older age range, all multi-functional toys are well catered for in Labebe’s products.

Labebe’s Brand Story

Labebe is an international toy-company registered in US and Europe. We have dedicated 25 years in designing and producing educative toys and baby products that speak the children’s language and meet their growth needs, meantime make parents’ life funnier and easier. Our life cycle management from raw material to after-sell guarantees that the products arrive to your hands with unique design, safe material, exquisite handcraft and attentive customer service.