Kids LED Light Up Shoes Boy Girl Soft Knit Breathable Sock Soles Casual Flashing Slip-On Sneakers as Gift White

Kids LED Light Up Shoes Boy Girl Soft Knit Breathable Sock Soles Casual Flashing Slip-On Sneakers as Gift White

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  • Our LED shoes your can wear them on multiple occasions with no problems,it is safety even on the rainy day.The shoes sole are waterproof,but we do not suggest you wear them on any occasions with water so that the light can be used for a long time.
  • Each pair of our LED shoes has been subject to strict quality inspection, but can not ensure the damage in transit,If you receive a defective product,as long as you give us a chance to help solve your problem,Thanks in advance!

Size Detail:

  • Size(CN):21—- Insole Length:13.5CM/5.3″—- Recommended Age:15-18Months—- EU:22.5—-UK:5.5—-US:6.5 M
  • Size(CN):22—- Insole Length:14CM/5.5″—- Recommended Age:18-24Months—- EU:23—- UK:6—- US:7 M
  • Size(CN):23—- Insole Length:14.5CM/5.7″—- Recommended Age:2-2.5Years—- EU:24—- UK:7—- US:8 M
  • Size(CN):24—- Insole Length:15CM/5.9″—- Recommended Age:2.5-3Years—- EU:25—- UK:7.5—- US:8.5 M
  • Size(CN):25—- Insole Length:15.5CM/6.1″—- Recommended Age:3-3.5Years—- EU:26—- UK:8—- US:9 M
  • Size(CN):26—- Insole Length:16CM/6.3″—- Recommended Age:3.5-4Years—- EU:26.5—- UK:8.5—- US:9.5 M
  • Size(CN):27—- Insole Length:16.5CM/6.5″—- Recommended Age:4-4.5Years—- EU:27—- UK:9—- US:10 M
  • Size(CN):28—- Insole Length:17CM/6.7″—- Recommended Age:4.5-5Years—- EU:28—- UK:10—- US:11 M
  • Size(CN):29—- Insole Length:17.5CM/6.9″—- Recommended Age:5-5.5Years—- EU:28.5—- UK:10.5—- US:11.5 M
  • Size(CN):30—- Insole Length:18CM/7.1″—- Recommended Age:5.5-6Years—- EU:29—- UK:11—- US:12 M