Intervention – A Party Game for Everyone’s Worst Habits

Intervention - A Party Game for Everyone's Worst Habits

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  • Intervention is a hilariously revealing party game where you tell your friends how it is.
  • Get to know your friends better and share taboo, ridiculous, and hilarious stories after each round.
  • 185 Question cards, 12 Voting booklets, 12 Identifier cards, and 36 Guessing cards
  • Professionally printed on premium playing cards and includes rule variations to spice things up

Intervention is a party game for everyone’s worst habits.

“The antidote to the boring party game.” -Bayard Catron, Game Theory
“Laughs were had, drinks were drunk.” -Forrest Bower, Bower’s Game Corner
“If Cards Against Humanity and True Colors had a baby, it would be Intervention.” -Dara T., Board Game Geek Playtester

This is adult party game gives you and your friends a chance to anonymously reveal what you think about each other through taboo, hilarious, and all around ridiculous questions. Which of your friends is least likely to be wearing underwear right now? Who is the most awkward hugger? For better or for worse, the truth will be revealed.

Intervention is a remake of the classic ’90s game, True Colors. With many more questions cards that have been revamped, Intervention is perfect for your next get-together, pre-game, or work event. Funded with Kickstarter.

How to Play:
The rules are simple. Each round, one person reads aloud a question card and everyone anonymously votes for the person they think best represents the answer to that question. Then, everyone attempts to guess how many votes they received. Grab your friends and prepare for laughs, tears, and arguments. It’s time for an Intervention.

Game Contents:
This game includes 12 Voting Booklets, 185 Question Cards, 36 Guessing Cards, 12 Identifier Cards, instructions, and alternate rules to mix things up. For up to 12 players. And yes, you can turn it into a drinking game.

Example Cards:
Who spent the most time getting ready today?
Who thinks they have the nicest looking butt in the room?
Who loves themselves more than Kanye West loves himself?