Interactive Educational Video Game System – 50 free games for Children Ages 1 – 5 from WeBee World

Interactive Educational Video Game System - 50 free games for Children Ages 1 – 5 from WeBee World

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  • AN INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL GAMING PLATFORM that uses a custom controller and web-based software to spark young kids’ thinking and encourage them to learn a variety of skills. increases fine motor skills and dexterity.
  • DEVELOPED WITH THE HELP OF EDUCATORS, child development specialists and pedagogic experts. helps kids learn to read and develop math skills.
  • COMES WITH ACCESS TO 50 GAMES designed to teach more than 20 important skills, including memory, planning, counting, language, communication and many more.
  • INCLUDES A PARENT’S INTERFACE so you can track your children’s progress in all of their learning activities.

The innovative Webee system was developed by parents and child educators who wanted to create a more stimulating alternative to passive TV and video entertainment for young children. After years of work, the result is a fun and toddler-friendly system that engages kids with a simple controller and with games that teach them new skills.

There are three parts to Webee:

First- is the simple and beautifully designed USB controller that kids use to interact with the Webee content.

Second- is the online Webee environment, a fun and safe place where the game content is found. With your purchase of Webee, you’ll receive access to up to 50 age-appropriate games that teach skills such as memory, counting, music, artistic activity, communication, and more. This educational content is tailored to each child’s age group, and more than 100 additional games are also available to be purchased as your child develops.

The third- part of Webee is the parents zone. This is a sophisticated monitoring system that records and analyzes your child’s actions in the games to show you their progress over time in the skills Webee is teaching. Parents can use this information to acquire new games for their child’s further development. Another option for parents is to receive emails that report on a child’s progress and skill development.

The goal of the Webee developers was to make learning a fun and engaging activity for very young children. With the Webee games, your child’s learning is self-directed and achieved through trial and error. By teaching children at an early age that learning and overcoming challenges is a fun and rewarding experience, you could well be teaching them the most valuable lesson a child could ever learn — one that will prepare them for a lifetime of achievement.