FUNERICA Durable Play Cash Register Toy Set for Boys & Girls – with Pretend Mic, Scanner & Calculator, Play-Money and More – Pretend Play Supermarket Toy Cashier

FUNERICA Durable Play Cash Register Toy Set for Boys & Girls - with Pretend Mic, Scanner & Calculator, Play-Money and More - Pretend Play Supermarket Toy Cashier

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  • ✓ ENGAGE YOUR KIDS – Get your kids this smart and educative cash register toy and keep them entertained all day long. Engage your children in food, shopping, and supermarket pretend play. One toy, and so many possibilities to discover!
  • ✓ FUN & LEARNING – Where is THE most exciting aisle in the supermarket for kids? Oh, that’s simple, the Aisles of the Toys…! Yep, this set will get them just there! The play cashier has many fun toys on its buttons to pretend-buy. Let them buy gifts for their friends and watch their creative mind enjoy! Pretend play can help your kids become more social, cooperative and learn how to share.
  • ✓ HAVING FUN WHILE LEARNING MATH – Let your kids use the calculator and play-money to practice and enhance their counting and monetary skills.
  • ✓MODERN TOYS DESIGNED TO LAST: Made of high quality materials. The scanning device, microphone and pushing buttons produce realistic sounds that will make your kids go crazy for this learning toy. Ideal for all kids, toddlers, boys,and girls.
  • ✓TRIGGER IMAGINATIVE & INTERACTIVE PLAY: Combining tactile, auditory and visual learning, this cash register toy shouldn’t be missing for your kid’s toy arsenal. Trigger their imagination, help them develop fine motor skills,teach them how to count and how to recognize colors, fruit and numbers as well. We made role and pretend play fun again.

Bring Pretend Play to Life With A FUNERICA Cash Register Toy Set!


Do your kids …

… stop playing with their new toys only after a week?

… love cool, interactive and fun learning toys?

… show an interest in colors, sounds, fruit, and shopping?

… have difficulties with number recognition?


Well, your search is finally over. This is the ultimate educational toy for your little ones.

With no assembly at all, this cash register playset is ready to go.

Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, kids, and your little explorer.


Explore the Multipurpose Nature Of A FUNERICA Cash Register Toy Today!

Who said educational toys have to be boring? Right?


With this toy set you can now teach your kids about the importance of counting and paying in the supermarket

Encourage your children to shop, count, identify colors and numbers through different types of fun play modes. Great toy for independent and interactive play.

The cash drawer opens and closes to help develop motor skills, and the microphone function enhances the overall play experience.

The adorable hand scanner, cash drawer, and credit card slot, can help foster fine motor development. Let them handle and play with coins, operate buttons, and do some imaginary shopping.

5 + 1 Reasons Why This Educative Pretend Play Toy Is A Keeper:

· Profound imaginative play!

· Improve basic math skills.

· Learn through games!

· Ameliorate critical thinking.

· Develop fine motor skills.

· Endless pretend supermarket and food play.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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