Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game

Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game

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  • The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That
  • Jump into the fun and discover all the new things you can do.
  • Game Components Include: Trick-a-ma-stick Foam Bar, 33 Activity Cards
  • Can Do That! Games are designed to bring people together
  • Just a few of the awards we¿ve received include: Parents¿ Choice Gold Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum and Gold Awards.
  • Game brings to life the beloved Dr. Seuss book giving kids a new and incredibly fun way to experience this classic Dr. Seuss story
  • This game helps kids discover their own abilities and encourages self-confidence
  • Nine game pieces right out of the Cat in the Hat story by Dr. Seuss, including the Cake, Ball, Book, Fish, Gown, Fan, Rake, Toy Man, and Boat
  • Through research, invention and thousands of play-tests, we understand how to make great games for kids and families

Inspired by a well-loved children’s storybook, this game helps children discover their own abilities and encourages self-confidence. Ages 4 yrs. +.The Cat In the Hat I Can Do That! Game gets your kids up and moving in with imaginative, fun-filled and funny activities. As well as providing energizing fun, this innovative game will help foster a sense of confidence in your children. It has won several awards, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award. It has also been listed as one of the Dr. Toy 10 Best Creative Products.

Classic Dr. Seuss characters make this game fun and educational for all kids. View larger.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Innovative, award-winning game gets kids moving, develops confidence

The Bad: Game components may not stand up to extended use

In a Nutshell: Energizing, creative, confidence-building game

At a Glance

Ages: 4 through 8
Requires: Minimal, simple assembly

I Can Do That! Is for kids ages four through eight and is designed for two to four players, making this an ideal family game.

Innovative Game Gets Kids Moving
This is not your traditional board game. I Can Do That! comes with imaginative props inspired by the classic children’s book The Cat In the Hat by Dr. Seuss, as well as a deck of color-coded cards that provide funny, challenging activities.

To start, a player picks one of each of the three color cards. Taken together, the cards create a fun and funny activity the player is challenged to do. For example, Card 1 could read “Take Four Giant Steps,” Card 2 “With the Cake,” and Card 3 “On your head!” Each card also has one, two, or three stars on it for score keeping purposes. If the player wants to take the challenge, he says “I can do that!” and proceeds. If he succeeds, he keeps the cards in his own scoring pile. If he doesn’t think he can do the activity, he can re-draw until he gets an activity that he can do. But watch out: if he draws a “Stop!” card, he must give up his cards and end his turn. The player with the most stars in the scoring pile wins the game.

Creative, Funny Activities Build Confidence
The beauty of this game is in its simplicity. Easy-to-follow instructions and super-easy assembly ensure that your family will be playing in no time, with minimal frustration — a must for the enthusiastic, shorter attention spans of younger kids.

We also love that this game goes beyond traditional board games to get kids up and moving. This is great both for energetic youngsters who lack the patience to focus quietly and for children who need a bit more motivation to get physical. Kids will have a lot of fun balancing, crawling, leaping, and skipping with the whimsical props. They’ll enjoy watching each other, and they’ll learn to compete in an entertaining environment.

We also love that the game’s structure encourages kids to challenge themselves, while the option of drawing and re-drawing cards still gives them the choice to play at their comfort levels. The simple, generalized game instructions are open it to many variations, and the instructions actually encourage families to customize the rules to their children’s abilities and desires.

The only concern we had was with the game’s durability. The foam pieces definitely won’t last as long as your vintage Monopoly set. But on the plus side, the flexible, soft props guard well against injuries or mishaps.

What’s in the Box
One deck of color-coded cards, foam and plastic props, and instruction card.

Children pick cards to try different fun and funny challenges.