3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 168 Pcs Architecture Model Brain Teaser DIY Toy IQ Game for Teens

3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 168 Pcs Architecture Model Brain Teaser DIY Toy IQ Game for Teens

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  • LASER CUT,SMOOTH WOOD: Wooden Material, Non-toxic, laser cut with high quality control, safe and smooth feel for kids over 8 years old or adult.This puzzle comes with pre-cut wood boards no glue required. Easy to assemble.
  • IQ TRAINNING:Colorful DIY Toys Make Children try to settle problem they met.Sophisticated design inspire spatial imaginations and improve trouble-shooting skills. Nowadays, children are distracted by smart phones, TV shows and video games which are not only harmful for eyes but also make children receive good/bad information without critical thinking.
  • FAMILY GAME:Think about playing games with your kids,this toy will give a good way for you to stay with your kids.Please put down the phone and help your honey finish the game.You will enjoy yourself.
  • SUITABLE GIFT & DECORATION:It is a good present for your childs,meanwhile,the 3D wooden puzzle is a very good decoration,your can put it in your bookcase,display cabinets, etc.Your friend will praise from heart when they see your DIY model.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE:This is a funny and beautiful model,we are happy if it can help you enjoy yourself.If you have any qusetions,please contact us first and we will settle the problem as soon as possible.

It is NOT just a Toy! It is a puzzle requires attentions and concentrations to have fun. It may not be for someone is all thumbs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed :This product is manufactured with high standard to make sure it is safety and funny.

Any collage toy can not be perfect, if the assembly encountered individual accessories there are differences, parts board interface is too small, insert, with blade correction, interface is too large, too loose, can use white latex /502 / universal glue (recommended white latex)

Product Details:

  • Material: Wooden
  • Packaging:¬†Pack of 1Package¬†
  • Demension:8.2 inch x 13.3 inch x 0.11 inch
  • Weight:360 gSuggested for childs over 8 years old or adult