20″H x 17″L x 15″W New Inflatable Toys Flamingo Ring Toss Game Summer Party Beach Pool Kids Water Game Inflatable Pink Flamingo Animals Toy


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  • A BALL OF FUN – This exciting Flamingo ring toss game measures in at 20″ H X 15″ W. It includes 3 inflatable rings all in different sizes. This toy is sure to provide hours of fun play inside the pool and out.
  • IMPROVES MOTOR SKILLS – This game calls for concentration, fine motor skills and dexterity. Improve your motor skills and concentration as you carefully aim the rings at the flamingo & rack up points.
  • EASY TO STORE – The entire set is completely inflatable making it easy to store and carry. Perfect for classrooms, pools, marketing displays and more. When finished playing inflate the air and store until next time.
  • FAMILY FUN – The whole family can play together while creating family memories. Take turns and rack up those points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the undefeated Champion
  • TEACHES COUNTING – Each of the 3 differently sized rings include a number to track points for competitive fun. Teach your children how to count while having fun at the same time.


Guaranteed hours of fun

Adult and children alike will love this adorable ring toss game! It includes a pink flamingo base measuring
in at 20″ H X 15″ W, and 3 colorful rings all in different sizes and clearly labeled with the number
of points each is worth for competitive fun.Set up takes just a couple of minutes followed by hours
of energy pumping extreme fun! 

The Best Part?

The entire set is completely floatable! Specially designed so the base can balance on water and stay
upright no matter the surface. Play with it outside on the grass or inside the pool and if the weather
turns gloomy, No Worries! Set it up in your living room and start Tossing those rings!

How to play

Simply inflate the flamingo base and set it up either in the pool or on the ground. Each of the 3 differently
colored rings are imprinted with their values that represent the points their worth. Take turns and throw
the rings taking careful aim to land on the flamingo base. Keep tracking your points till the end of the game.
The Player with the most points is the UNDEFEATED CHAMPION!